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Terms & Conditions

Postponement or Cancellation by pupil

At least two days notice of postponement or cancellation of lesson is required. Late cancellation will be charged at normal lesson rate. Note of postponement or cancellation will be accepted by telephone or text.

Postponement or Cancellation by the driving school

If for any reason a lesson has to be postponed or cancelled at short notice due to mechanical failure or other emergency an alternative appointment will be made with mutual consent. Should postponement of a driving test be necessary, the school will be responsible for the fee if test cannot be cancelled in the required time. The DSA require 3 clear working days to postpone or cancel a tes,t without which you will lose your fee.

The driving test

Your instructor will advise on the appropriate time to book a driving test calculating by progress being made. If for any reason the required shandard has not been reached approaching the test, the instructor will advise the pupil to postpone the test. The same will apply if a pupil attends their first lesson with a pre-booked test. In either case the instructor reserves the right to refuse to take the pupil to the test.